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RaiseCraze fundraiser

We are a few days into the Raise Craze fundraiser and we need your help to make it successful. We have raised $2900 with our goal at $15,000. Students have completed 40 acts of kindness and we can bring that number up as we know students already spread kindness but should mark off all the special things they do.

We talked about how our students can make an impact by spreading kindness in our community. Acts of kindness can include many things such as writing thank-you notes, helping a friend, or participating in a volunteer project as a family. Thanksgiving is an excellent time to do something extra for those around you. The possibilities are endless and no act of kindness is too small.

In addition to spreading kindness, we need your help with donations to help support our school. Fowler staff have submitted teacher grants, which are applications to fund classroom materials or school projects. There are some amazing projects but we need the funds to grant them. If you haven’t done so, register at 

Once you’ve registered, you can track your acts of kindness and donations AND win some pretty cool prizes. If you wish, donations can be dropped off at the school office as well. Please include the student's name and address the envelope to Fowler PTA.


We’ll update you throughout the week on our school’s status and any important developments. We can’t wait to see how you all are making an impact at Fowler and the community.


Membership Toolkit App

The Membership Toolkit App is available for free in the Apple Store and in Google Play. Download it one time for all of the organizations that you are affiliated with that are using Membership Toolkit. If you belong to 4 organizations that are using Membership Toolkit, when you log in to the app you will see all four organizations presented and you can toggle between organizations.  (Directory on demand, secure and password protected, Parents always have controls over which data will be included in directory, Mark your favorites, Signup volunteers, Join PTA, make donations, and Push notifications)